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Brian Dowd


Black on Track Vision

The Black on Track vision has created opportunity for all Indigenous Australians to identify, accept and self heal by taking responsibility for their life choices and becoming empowered in the acknowledgement of their own self worth.

In doing so realise that:

  • they have the power to dream and the ability to succeed in their own
    journey through life.
  • life's lessons are not to be ignored but embraced and understood as
    the natural process of learning.
  • all individuals have the capacity to achieve all that they believe
    through thought and rebuilt belief systems

We can change the past by changing the present for a brighter tomorrow.

Brian Dowd-General Manager

If you look into the Distance, you will see a more and more familiar sight on the horizon.

The Black on Track Program and its team are rolling into your community, your state with little fuss but with an enormous and ever growing reputation of getting the job done.

Whether it be through a cloud of dust, or through driving rain the Black on Track experience is a grass roots program that is making its mark where ever it is needed across Australia.

What started off 6 years ago as a modest pilot program has now grown to a Nationally and Internationally recognised program with the determination to make a real difference by injecting itself into the veins of a weary country and needy Communities.

Brian Dowd owner and founder of Black on Track has talked the talk for the past six years and is now walking the walk with a truly remarkable and special program which is Touching the hearts of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians on a National level.

A grass roots approach, and healing from the inside out, and not from the outside in is the recipe for success for this highly popular program. Brian Dowd and Black on Track is not only winning over the indigenous population, but also turning around the attitudes of the non-indigenous population in the process.

This program is turning skeptics from thinking “ Ah not another indigenous program” to supporters stating that “ This program is a must to all communities across Australia”.

Black on Track formerly based in Newcastle has spread its wings and has launched its National tour with Communities from NSW, QLD, WA, TAS, NT all line for a taste of the Healing program.

Black on Track is a self healing and self motivating program which uses clever tools and life experiences to open the doors of pain for communities and individuals to walk through confidently, whilst being supported and encouraged on an ongoing basis.

To prove that this is just not another hit and miss program Black on Track has committed to living in each community for a total period of two and a half months allowing the program to live, laugh and cry along side the community, pin pointing areas of weakness and build on old and new positive direction for a brighter tomorrow.
If evidence based stats are anything to go off Black on Track currently operates on a 91% program completion success rate across all program areas implemented.

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Brian has been rolling the Black on Track Program out across Australia in particular QLD spending the last 60 weeks straight on the road delivering programs in Tasmania, Roma, Charleville, Cunnamulla, St George and Dalby.

Brian developed Black on Track to save his life and it has, now he is assisting other Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians out there to save theirs.

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